Trik Membuat Camfrog Jadi Pro

* Download Camfrog Pro nya

* Selanjutnya klik "Help" pada Camfrog Pro, lalu klik "Activation Camfrog Pro" dan masukkan salah satu kode di atas. Setelah sukses biarin Camfrog Pro nya restart tapi jangan di Sign On dulu, coz itu kode kan dah invalid
* Klik Start >> Run >> Regedit >> Ok. Lalu masuk ke HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Camfrog\Client\CurrentV ersion\ProfileInfo
* Sampai di situ pasti akan ditemukan tulisan "AplicationData", nah itu di klik kanan terus rename menjadi "AplicationData1".
* Kalau sudah sekarang baru Sign On ke Camfrog Pro nya... dan horeee.. akhirnya bisa login juga ke Camfrog Pro. Tapi tunggu dulu.. belum selesai nih
* Masuk ke room dulu untuk liat show, n lo udah masuk ke room kembali lagi ke regedit n balikin tuh tulisan "AplicationData1" menjadi "AplicationData" lagi seperti semula
* Sekarang baru lihat tuh Camfrog Pro nya, dah jadi pro kan? Coba aja view cam orang pasti dah bisa dizoom kan
Nah fitur-fitur Camfrog Pro dah kebuka semua tuh di situ, keculai yang buat "Multiple Cam" masih lum bisa. Kecuali lo mau beli licencynya yang aseli... hehe...

Ingat...! Ntar lo setiap logout n mau login lagi jangan lupa step by stepnya diulangi lagi seperti di atas. key..

Kode Aktivasi :
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RapidShare Plus v3.1

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The Most Dangerous Hack Tool 2009

Trojan Horses
- Yuri RAT v1.2
- MofoTro v1.7 BETA
- Charon
- Beast v2.0.7
- Omerta v1.3
- Theef v2.10
- Combined Forces R.A.T
- Mo******-->****** v3.0
- ProRat v1.9 Fix2

- Elite Keylogger v1.0
- SKL v0.1
- KeySpy v2.0
- A++++
- Curiosity
- Keylogger
- KeyCopy

- Daemon Crypt Public v2
- NT Packer v2.1
- EES binder v1.0
- File Injector v3
- Bytes Adder
- FreshBind v2.01
- YAB v2.01
- NakedBind v1.0
- Amok Joiner


Brute Forcers
- Munga Bunga 's Official
- Brutus - Authentication Engine Test 2
- wwwHack v1.946
- FTP Brute Hacker
- FTP Brute Forcer.tar.gz - Unix
- Wbrute.tar.gz - Unix
- Shadow Scanner-Brute Forcer
- Hackers Utility v1.5
- POP3 brute forcer.tar.gz - Unix

CGI-Bug Scanners
- NStealth HTTP Security Scanner v5.8
- Attack Toolkit v4.1 & source code included
- Scanarator
- Legion NetBios Scanner v2.1
- NetView v1.0
- CGI Vulnerability Scan
- CGI Scanner v4.0
- VoidEye CGI scanner


- Hippi virus
- Sasser
- W32. Blaster .Worm
- Midnight Massacre
- 00001
- Nimda
- Loveletter virus
- Happy '99

Virus Builders
- VBSwg 2 beta - Virus builder
- p0ke's WormGen 2.0
- RESIDUO - DoS Virus

MSN Hacks & Bots
- HoaX Toolbox 1.1
- MSN Extreme 3.0
- MessenPass v1.06
- Advanced Blood Scroller
- Nudge Madness
- Advanced Instant Messengers Password Recovery
- Contact Spy
- Msn Explosion
- Encrypted Messenger

Port & IP Scanners
- Blues Port Scanner
- ProPort v2.2
- SuperScan v3.0
- Net Scan Tools v4.2
- LanSpy v2.0
- *****in Threads v3.1
- Trojan Hunter v1.5
- SuperScan v4.0
- Neotrace PRO v3.25 trial&crack

Nukers And Flooders
- Rocket v1.0
- RPCNuke v1.0
- Panther Mode1 - 56k
- Panther Mode2 - ISDN +
- Final Fortune v2.4
- Battle Pong - Technophoria
- Assault v1.0
- ICMP Nuker
- CLICK v2.2

- Telnet Tutorial

Be Careful As There is a lot of Very Dangerous Tools in That Pack.

Size : 46.6 Mb

Download Here :

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Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009 Portable

aspersky Anti-Virus 2009 Portable - 25,4 MB

Kaspersky Anti-Virus provides all types of anti-virus protection: anti-virus scan-ners, monitors, behavior blockers and integrity checkers. It supports all of the most popular operating systems, e-mail gateways and firewalls. KAV controls all possible virus entry points. Kaspersky Lab's powerful and flexible local and network management tools for auto-mation and centralized installation and control over anti-virus protection provide maximum convenience and minimum time wasted when building your own structure of an anti-virus defense.
Kaspersky Ant-Virus provides full-scale protection with some additional protective components a behavior blocker and integrity checker; appropriate for experienced users seeking the best anti-virus protection.

- Integrated protection from all Internet threats
- Cutting-edge antivirus technologies
- Protection from spam and phishing
- Automatic database updates using the instant update technology
- Free technical support

Key Features:
- Real-time monitoring of all data streams, including email, Internet traffic and network connections
- Protection from viruses, Trojans and worms
- Protection from spyware, adware and other potentially hostile programs
- Proactive defense against new malicious programs
- Protection from network attacks and system hijacking
- Blocking of popup windows and banners
- Rollback of changes made by malicious programs on your computer
- Blocking of links to phishing websites
- Trainable spam filtration system

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Avira AntiVirus Emergency-Rescue-LiveCD - December 2008

Avira AntiVirus Emergency-Rescue-LiveCD - December 2008 (46,4 MiB)
Remove any virus from your computer
The safe way to remove viruses from a computer without the risk of getting infected.
Boot from the Avira Emergency-Rescue Disk to scan and remove virus/malware from an infected computer without the risk of infecting other files or computers.
Bootable ISO, based on Avira AntiVirus v8.
Virus definition updates, manually: yes
Language: English
All you need to do is burn the ISO image to a CD, insert it into the infected system’s CD-ROM drive and reboot* the computer.*(If not done already, enter the PC’s BIOS, set it to boot from CD).

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Avira Premium Security Suite

Avira Premium Security Suite - 23 MB
Supported Operating system: Windows 2000 (SP 4 recommended) / Windows XP and XP 64 Bit (SP 2 recommended) / Windows Vista 32 Bit and 64 Bit
Avira presents the Premium Security Suite with Full protection: Includes basic and advanced antivirus protection, email protection, AntiPhishing, Anti-Spyware and Anti-Adware PLUS: Anti-Spam, Firewall, WebGuard (Safe Surfing), Game Mode and more.! Complete security for workstations! The repeatedly awarded and worldwide used virus and malware protection by over 30 million users now also with WebGuard!
Avira is a German antivirus software company. Its antivirus applications are based on the AntiVir antivirus engine, first launched in 1988. It was called "H+BEDV Datentechnik GmbH" when it was founded. One of the antivirus software, AntiVir Personal, is free for personal usage.Avira is launching a new, comprehensive protection package for end-users as well as small offices and home workers: the Avira Premium Security Suite is a combination of Avira’s brand-new firewall and the proven anti-virus software AntiVir Personal Premium. Even less experienced users can cope with the numerous security threats from the Internet with the central, intuitively operated user interface of the Suite.
Premium Security Protection:* AntiVir* AntiAd/Spyware* AntiPhishing* AntiRootkit* AntiDrive-by* AntiBot* EmailScanner* WebGuard* RescueSystem* BackupSystem* AntiSpam* FireWall* GameMode
Premium Security Suite functions and advantages:• Protection against viruses, worms and Trojans• Protection against expensive dialers• Detects and deletes rootkits• NEW: Raised scan speed• NEW: Redesigned visual appearance• Protection against phishing• Protection against spyware• Special protection against email viruses (POP 3)• Fast updates through Premium Server• 5 Euro donation to Auerbach Foundation• Protection against annoying adware• NEW: System to create a Rescue-CD• WebGuard to surf and download safely• Firewall included• AntiSpam and proactive AntiPhishing• Game Mode• NEW: Function for Data BackUp
Highlights from the WebGuard:• Checks Internet downloads against viruses• Recognizes defective files before they are loaded on your computer• Affected websites can be blocked, isolated or ignored• Specific files and URLs can be excluded from the examination• Works independently from the browser you are using
Operating system: Windows 2000 (SP 4 recommended) / Windows XP and XP 64 Bit (SP 2 recommended) / Windows Vista 32 Bit and 64 Bit

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The Killer Machine

Local Antivirus with complete Defense .. make your Own !!

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This program for detect virus in our computer

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FixRegistry (New) !!

Read full history - FixRegistry (New) !!


  • Ditambahkan, database pengenal dan pembersih 95 virus lokal/asing/varian baru yang dilaporkan menyebar di Indonesia. Total 2254 virus beserta variannya yang banyak beredar di Indonesia telah dikenal di versi 1.9 ini oleh engine internal PCMAV.
  • Ditambahkan, cleaner khusus untuk virus Bungas.vbs.
  • Diperbaiki, kesalahan deteksi (false alarm) heuristik pada beberapa program dan script.
  • Diperbarui, perubahan beberapa nama virus mengikuti varian baru yang ditemukan.
  • Perbaikan beberapa minor bug dan improvisasi kode internal untuk memastikan bahwa PCMAV Cleaner & PCMAV RealTime Protector lebih dari sekadar antivirus biasa.

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Fed up with free anti-virus solution giveaways with subscription period validity of just 3 months, 6 months or 1 year? Most security product developers nowadays attracts user with several months of free usage promotional offer, and then require user to pay an annual subscription fee to continue using the product or to receive the virus signature update.
Instead of succumbing to search for new free license key, serial number or activation code every other few months when the subscription period expires or ends, here’s one license key number like no other, for AVG Anti-Virus users. We receive tip off that the following license number for AVG Anti-Virus will only expire on February 26, 2018, a full 10 YEARS validity and free usage. For AVG lovers who installed AVG Anti-Virus by using the one year free subscription license which going to expire by December 1, 2008, the ultimate serial key for AVG is just in time.

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Panda Antivirus Pro 2009 8.0

Panda Antivirus Pro 2009 8.0 with LOGIN Size (40,9 mb)
A great antivirus solution for Windows, that keeps your computer protected from any threats. The new Panda Antivirus Pro is the easiest-to-use and most intuitive protection for your computer. Just install it and forget about viruses, spyware, rootkits, hackers, online fraud and identity theft. Panda Antivirus is the latest generation of antivirus solution. Chat, share photos and videos, bank and buy online, read your favorite blogs or simply surf the Web, with complete peace of mind. And thanks to the new Collective Intelligence technology, the solution is now much faster than previous versions. Its innovative technology and ease of use make it the most powerful antivirus on the market.
Panda Antivirus features a new UltraFast scan engine, 30% faster than its predecessors, Panda's exclusive SmartClean technology, which not only disinfects viruses but also restores system settings damaged by the latest trojan horse technologies, and its low use of system resources.

Here are some key features of "Panda Antivirus Pro":
· Protection against spyware. Protects your privacy by preventing spyware from being installed on your computer. The anti-spyware protection prevents this type of software from compiling data about your Internet habits and preferences.· Protection against unknown threats. Thanks to the revolutionary TruPrevent Technologies now, more than ever, you will be protected against malware at all times.· Protection against all types of malware. Not only are you protected against viruses. Now you have integrated protection capable of combating all types of malicious software: hacking tools, jokes, malicious cookies, viruses, etc.· Firewall. Neutralizes network viruses and prevents possible intrusions or attacks by hackers trying to enter your computer through the Internet.· Protection against vulnerabilities. Protects you against security holes in certain applications that could make your computer easy prey to all types of malicious software and hackers. Now you can fix vulnerabilities detected in your computer, giving you even greater security.· Services. Enjoy the wide range of services that we offer. Now you have a whole team of IT security experts to help you resolve any queries that could arise. In addition, on our Web page, you can access the latest versions of our products and all the information you need.
Download: (Size: 40,9 MB)

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Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition 10.2.2

Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition combines industry-leading, real-time malware protection for enterprise workstations and network servers with graphical Web-based reporting and centralized management and administration capabilities. The solution automatically detects and repairs the effects of spyware, adware, viruses, and other malicious intrusions to enable enterprise-wide system uptime. Symantec System Center™ enables centralized configuration, deployment, policy management, alerting and reporting, and allows administrators to audit the network to determine which nodes are vulnerable to virus attacks. Don't leech from Administrators can manage client and server groups logically, and can create, deploy, and lock down security policies and settings to keep systems up-to-date and properly configured.

Integrated response content from the leader in information security helps organizations maximize uptime, reduce cost of ownership, and ensure the integrity of their data. Real-time protection reduces the risk of spyware and adware reaching the system, while automatic removal enables easy disposal of security risks. Side-effect repair automatically cleans up registry entries, files, and load points after hard-to-find spyware infections. Administrators have the flexibility to set their own security spyware and adware policies on an application-by-application basis, and gain maximum control over protection settings via the existing Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition management interface. Enhanced tamper protection guards all processes and registry entries from unauthorized access and attacks. Potential virus threats are automatically submitted for analysis to Symantec Security Response, which provides repair and response content. A forensic tracing feature helps administrators determine the source of blended threats that spread through open file shares.

Advanced behavior blocking prevents client systems from being used for malicious outbound activities, such as sending worms via email. LiveUpdate technology provides a s ingle update to protect the enterprise from viruses, malware, and spyware. Client compliancy technology allows the administrator to ensure that mobile and remote systems connecting to corporate resources via VPN are compliant with security policies.

Key Features:
» Advanced, enterprise-wide virus protection and monitoring from a single management console
» Integrated Web-based graphical reporting
» Support for Symantec AntiVirus Client on Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008

Key Benefits:
» Effective protection from spyware and adware
.» Don't leech from
» Symantec tamper protection guards against unauthorized antivirus access and attacks, protecting users from viruses that attempt to disable security measures.
» Backed by Symantec Security Response, the world’s leading Internet security research and support organization

Version For Windows 2000/XP/2003 X86
Download - From

Version For Windows XP/2003 X64
Download - From

Version For Windows Vista X86
Download - From

Version For Windows Vista X64
Download - From

Symantec System Center
Download - From
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Avast! Professional Edition 4.8.1282 - 29.7 Mb

All-inclusive, comprehensive protection avast! 4 Professional Edition includes ANTI-SPYWARE protection, certified by the West Coast Labs Checkmark process, to protect against the latest spyware threats and ANTI-ROOTKIT DETECTION based on the best-in class GMER technology, built into the scan engine.Simple to use and fully automated - Automatic incremental updates provide real-time protection of your system, including web surfing. We've made avast! antivirus as simple to use as possible, while allowing full control of your security. Tried and Trusted - With over 60 million users of avast!, you can rest assured that you are using one of the most tried and trusted antivirus products in Windows security. avast! supports more MS Windows versions (from Windows 95 to Vista 64-bit) than any other anti-malware product.

- Antivirus kernel- Simple User Interface
- Enhanced User Interface
- Resident protection
- Script Blocker (Professional Edition only
- P2P and IM Shields
- Network Shield
- Web Shield
- Automatic updates
- PUSH updates- Virus Chest
- System integration
- Command-line scanner
- Integrated Virus Cleaner
- Support for 64-bit Windows / Vista
- Internationalization

Version 4.8.1282November 12, 2008
- improvements in some unpackers (Zip, 7-Zip, WinExec, Installer)
- fixed incompatibility with ext2fsd driver
- fixed a problem in The Bat! plugin (causing orphaned thebat.exe processes after the program was closed)
- added new unpacker "droppers" (by default turned on in all tasks including the real time scanner)
- fixed a problem with actions on infected files with special names
- Network Shield: added a component for blocking of malware URLs
- added the possibility of sending of statistical information about detected viruses
- added a new option of reporting of false positives
- improved the submission from the Virus Chest (now based on HTTP protocol)
- added a component for gathering of new samples from exploited pages
- implemented a limit of the maximum size of the selfdef.log file- speed optimizations in the updater
- speed optimizations in the scanning engine
- solved a minor conflict with McAfee SiteAdvisor
- added support for the Windows Security Center in Vista SP1 (new API)
- minor fixes in the Web Shield- removed support for ICQ a MSN Messenger alerts

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F-Secure Antivirus for Workstations 7.10

F-Secure Antivirus for Workstations, with multiple scanning engines, is the most comprehensive, real-time virus scanning and protection system for all Windows platforms. It is a three-tiered solution aimed at the corporate market, and includes a wealth of features for network management and centralized deployment. The F-Secure Antivirus products combine excellent administration features with background, real-time scanning to catch viruses on-the-fly.

Protect your computer against viruses and other malicious code! With F-Secure Anti-Virus for Workstations, virus protection is fast, efficient and easy. The award winning F-Secure Anti-Virus protects both site-based and mobile workers, ensuring maximum system availability and data integrity every minute of every day, everywhere in the world. It is the most comprehensive centrally managed antivirus solution available for your desktops and laptops. As a system administrator, you can install, update and manage the corporate workstations remotely with minimal amount of effort.

- Real-time automatic protection.
Stops viruses, worms and Trojans attacking via e-mail, web, floppy disks and CD-ROMs in real-time. It also scans the content of compressed files such as ZIP files.
- Automatic installations and updates.
Saves time with automatic installations and updates. As a system administrator, you can avoid visiting each desktop and laptop by using F-Secure Policy Manager or F-Secure Management Wizard. With this management system, you can remotely control and enforce F-Secure Anti-Virus product settings, view reports and get early warnings and alerts with minimal amount of effort.
- Centralized management.
Can be remotely installed, deployed, configured and monitored with F-Secure Policy Manager from one central location. F-Secure Policy Manager provides comprehensive reports on virus statistics and network status to your system administrator.
- Automatic Virus Definition Updates.
Updating of virus definition databases is automatic and secure. The files are automatically downloaded in the background using bandwidth not being used by other Internet applications. Your system administrator can always be sure that he has the latest updates without having to search on the Web.
- Automatic reports
- Available in several languages
- Wide platform support

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SpeedUpMyPC 2009

SpeedUpMyPC the award winning computer speed-up utility that ensures your PC is automatically optimized for maximum performance.Superior performance from your PC.Fine-tune your PC, and your Windows operating system, to help you squeeze even more power from your computer, for improved performance and faster startup.Maximize you Internet settings for faster browsing.Optimize your network and Internet connections to boost your bandwidth, allowing you to enjoy faster surfing and quicker downloads.Enhanced Security and Privacy FeaturesProtect your privacy by securely removing a wide range of sensitive files and records, including browser histories, cookies and saved form information.Detailed metrics on system performance.Advanced and detailed charts track CPU, memory and network usage showing the load on system resources and indicating areas to be targeted for optimization.Reduce hard disk clutter by finding and deleting unnecessary and obsolete files, while the powerful uninstall feature lets you totally remove unwanted software more effectively.With improved graphics, and the reassurance of the Recovery center (to undo changes) Uniblue is SpeedUpMyPC is trusted by users everywhere to deliver improved performance.

CPU Usage Overview
Disk Analyzer
Application Booster
Internet Speed Analyzer
Memory Usage Overview
Internet Speed Optimizer
RAM Optimization
Startup Manager
Disk Usage
Process Viewer

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Wi-Fi Defense 1.0.21

Wireless networking, or Wi-Fi is expanding. Notebooks are coming with wireless connections build-in. Families are buying more than one computer and using wireless routers for networking. According to one survey 52% of households with computers are using wireless to link them. Mostly because it is easier than trying to run Ethernet wire through the walls and ceiling. For me it is fear of my wife catching me drill holes in the wall. Yet surveys have shown over half of the people do not bother setting up any security setting for it.
Is your home Wi-Fi signal offering neighbors free access to your network, allowing them to assume your identity for their own purpose? Wi-Fi Defense is a tool for your home wireless network.
Detect intruders, kick them off, and prevent future intrusions.
Wi-Fi Defense talks to your router or access point and configures your security settings to lock down your wireless network

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Dameware NT Utilities

Fresh Download is an easy-to-use and very fast download manager software that turbo charges downloading files from the Internet, such as your favorite mp3 files, software, picture collections, video, etc. Fresh Download lets you create multiple connections, pause and resume, integrates with Internet Explorer and more.
DameWare NT Utilities contains a dynamic Network Browser view, which will display Microsoft Windows Network domains in a network explorer tree view. Windows NT domains can be added to the Favorite Domains section of the Network Browser view. Domain controllers, servers and workstations, as well as non-browsable machines, can be specified by machine name or IP address, and added to the network explorer tree view. DameWare NT Utilities includes a Mini Remote Control for fast and easy deployment.

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Internet Download Manager 5.15 Build 3

New Version of Internet Download Manager With the new features

Download Here
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