MAFIA WAR - if you did not get beta access

Hi Mafia war Addict !! if you did not get beta access, You want to whine and complain about the unfairness of a WAR game ?

We'll, stop whining, hunker down and start soldiering - And here your guide to what you CAN do now:

* Start gathering Baht Money, you are gonna need them.
- Do jobs for people - Pester your friends who are in Bangkok to continue to send out the job help request every time it's possible. You have (or should have) 500 in your mafia - 10% is in the beta - that's 50 jobs - more than enough to hit the 25 limit if you work that mouse button!

- Collect envelopes with Baht money - Use all of your request to send out to people and ASK them to send one back - don't random spam them - be specific, ask and trade the Baht envelopes with people who actually send you one back - you should be able to get 24 envelopes per day at least.

- Money socks boosts - If you can, get Laundry Items and use them when you get to Bangkok to get more money.

- Do not fear, you are not gonna loose money unbaked... Yet Fighting is not opened

- Start collecting energy boosts - any you can get your hands on - Best is of course the Hens from Moscow - but even truck drivers is a help.



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